About Us

Kinédoun – Literally means Wine House


Kinédoun Wine and Spirits was born out of love and passion for wine. Our mission is to take you on a trip, off the beaten track, on a road less traveled. On a “different” kind of journey to every corner of the World. From the ancient and exotic, to the bold and new, we want to bring you wines and spirits which you have never heard of, let alone ever tasted.

So, come along with us on a trip to Armenia, where you will drink Areni dating back 6,000 years. Where you will drink Khndoghni from the mountains and valleys of Artsakh, and Voskehat, the “Queen” of the Armenian grapes. With over 300 indigenous grape varietals, Armenian wine making is experiencing a renaissance. From the Ararat Valley, where Noah planted the first vine, to Vayotz Dzor where archeologists recently discovered the Areni-1 cave, the oldest winemaking facility dating back 6,000 years, Armenian wines are taking the world by storm, and we at Kinédoun are proud to be part of this revival.

Take a trip to Georgia where ancient traditions and its wine culture are entwined with the country’s national identity. Experience natural wines made from Saperavi and Rkatsiteli, produced in qvevri (the first vessel ever used in winemaking dating back 8,000 years), and now a UNESCO registered, protected tradition. With over 500 indigenous grape varietals, you will drink “Orange” wine which is taking the wine world by storm.

To Bulgaria, where new wineries have popped up all across the Danube Plain, all the way to the Thracian Valley, you will drink wines made from Mavrud, Misket and Dimyat.

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Kevork Kataroyan